About Au Naturel Botanical Aromatherapy Skin Care Cleansers


To create the highest quality aromatherapy skin care by employing therapeutic and preserving powers of essential oils, pure plant and nut oils and organic herbal extracts.


Welcome to Au Naturel Botanicals!  We’re glad you found us.  As you explore our skin care line, we encourage viewing our product ingredient lists.  Here you will find simplicity, purity and easily recognizable names.  Perhaps some may not be familiar–we invite you to find them briefly explained in our Product Ingredient Glossary.  Plant oils, seed oils, nut oils, essential oils, herbal extracts–the best nature has to offer!

Our formulations are produced and hand-poured in a dedicated gluten-free facility, situated on our family’s organic farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  They contain only plant-based ingredients (with the exception of organic beeswax) and are not tested on animals.  We are certified by The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, www.LeapingBunny.org, an organization offering a consumer shopping guide that provides the best assurance that no new animal testing is used by their members.

Our family’s roots and history are steeped in tending to the land and utilizing nature’s abundance.  Our family business extends back to the mid-1970’s and a woman named Alexandra Avery.  After moving to Oregon from growing up in Hawaii, Alexandra sought to fight the ravages of sun exposure from living in a tropical paradise with fair, English-heritage skin.  Instead of reaching for the chemically-laden skincare products so readily available on store shelves, she instead turned to her garden in the Nehalem Valley.  Applying her skills as an aesthetician, along with an intimate knowledge of aromatherapy and herbalism, she began formulating her own skin care products.  Today Alexandra is back in Hawaii, providing luxurious spa treatments and continuing her love of working with essential oils, offering educational classes and creating personalized perfumes.  To learn more about Alexandra and the services she offers, visit www.thescentatelier.com.

We are proud to carry on her vision and ideals, which resonate with our own–protecting and preserving our natural environment, employing nature’s extensive gift of plants to promote healing and well-being, while commiting to providing a cruelty-free skincare line.

We invite you to revel in the purity and essences of our 100% natural skin care products!


  • Natural skincare should be free of artificial preservatives and additives, synthetic fragrance, petro-chemicals and petroleum-based products
  • All ingredients applied to the skin should enrich, nourish and support its natural function
  • Our formulations have never been tested on animals and never will be
  • We maintain our high standards by sourcing the purest, therapeutic-grade essential oils and raw materials with an increasing movement toward 100% organic and responsibly wild-harvested plant essences
  • We purchase ingredients and packaging with sustainability and environmental soundness as a priority, and source them as locally as possible to minimize our carbon footprint
  • To minimize our environmental impact by sourcing recyclable packaging such as glass and PET plastic, and purchasing supplies made with post-consumer recycled material.
  • Employing environmentally-friendly practices on a daily basis by reusing, reducing and recycling in shipping, production and waste policies