Aromatherapy-based Skin Care

     Essential oils are the active ingredients in our plant-based formulations and are the foundation of our skincare line.  For decades, we have been formulating with the purest, therapeutic-grade essential oils from trusted sources around the world. They scent, preserve and color our products and work in harmony with the skin, supporting and enhancing its natural function.  

     Therapeutically, the minute molecular structure of essential oils allows them to easily penetrate the skin, delivering nutrients as deep as the dermal layer, providing nourishment and protection.  We employ a natural preservation system emulating principles of ancient Egyptian formulating--plants with strong antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties were used in their cosmetics as well as sacred embalming practices.  Many essential oils have known anti-imflammatory properties as well, and upon inhalation can be beneficial to our respiratory and circulatory systems. 


"Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived."
~ Helen Keller   


     Holistically, essential oils can work to heal and calm the mind and body.  When inhaled, essential oils pass through our olfactory system (sense of smell) to receptors linked to our emotional brain, stimulating vital energies and a sense of well-being.  Our sense of smell is rooted in our primal ancestry and our connection to it is powerful.  We invite you to revel in the scent of our spa-quality formulations while promoting the health and radiance of your skin. 


     Relax, breathe deeply and enjoy!


100% Natural

     The skin is the largest organ of our body.  It is our first line of defense in protecting us from harmful bacteria and microbes and it assists in eliminating toxins in the form of perspiration.  In a world inundated with man-made chemicals and toxins, we can help protect this organ by incorportaing a natural skincare regimen to our daily routine.  With trilllions of pores on its surface, toxic chemicals can be easily absorbed.  Our philosophy is, what goes onto the skin should be safe enough to consume.  As you read our labels you will find only simple and clean, natural ingredients.


Daily 3-Step Regimen

     Following a simple regimen and making it a part of your daily routine will keep skin fresh, smooth and glowing.  For optimum skin condition and functioning, a twice-daily, 3-step regimen is recommended.  

Step 1:  Cleanse -- Use of a mild, vegetable glycerin-retained soap will help remove debris and waste, stimulate circulation and encourage exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Step 2:  Tone -- Spritzing with a slightly acidic pH toner after cleansing helps to rebalance the acid mantle, tighten pores and provide hydration for the skin.  With a natural pH of 5.5, the acid mantle on the skin's surface creates an unfriendly environment which helps prevent growth of unwanted bacteria.

Step 3:  Moisturize -- A pump of skin serum, a dab of cream or a layering of both will provide an effective moisture barrier to protect and keep skin hydrated.  


Weekly Maintenance

     In addition to the 3-step regimen, incorporate a facial mask treatment 1 to 2 times weekly to rejuvenate and revitalize skin tissue.  This 10-15 minute treatment will draw out impurities, exfoliate, tighten pores and plump the skin to reveal a smooth, supple, and soft complexion.  

     To maximum the benefits of masking, we recommend two masks for this weekly maintenance.  First, our Hawaiian Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Mask and second a debris drawing clay mask, such as the Sea Plant Rejuvenating Mask, Moisturizing Macadamia Mask, and Cool Blue Chamomile Mask.  The enzyme exfoliating mask will help loosen pore debris and digest dead skin cells, paving the way for the clay mask treatment.  Applying the clay mask second will remove the digested pore debris, draw out impurities, tightening pores, and stimulate blood circulation to the surface.

Multi-task...while you mask!