Aromatherapy Skin Care Body Oils

Want a natural lotion without the parabens, petroleum and lanolin? Why not plant oils! From mountains to ocean we’ve got the scent for you. After bathing, apply our rich, nourishing oils to damp skin to replenish moisture and stimulate your skin’s natural sebum production. In readily absorbed carrier oils, each of our body oils are formulated with essential oils to fit any mood. Soothe tired muscles with Mountain Herbs Body Oil while relaxing your senses with its earthy organic lavender, rosemary and cedar essential oils. Uplift and invigorate your senses with the scent of orange groves as you apply Jungle Blossoms, a perfectly blended natural lotion of orange, ylang ylang and organic neroli essential oils. Experience a breath a paradise with our Hawaiian Aloe Sun Oil of Fresh Gardenia Infusion and exotic essential oils. With proven natural sun protection, use before, during and after sun exposure. Transport yourself! And don’t forget Rosemary Lavender Revive…our 100% Organic potent blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary and Lavender essential oils. This concentrated powerful skin treatment is not only great for the body but for scalp and hair!