Aromatherapy Skin Care Masks

Purify, detoxify, exfoliate and moisturize with our 100% natural French green and kaolin clay masks. The perfect match for sensitive skin, the Cool Blue Chamomile Mask employs the gentlest and most nourishing essential oils for calming irritations and inflammations. Need some deep moisturizing? The Moisturizing Macadamia Mask is for you…rejuvenating dry skin with rich oils of macadamia, kukui and nourishing shea butter. The Enzyme Exfoliating Mask uses the actions of papaya and pineapple enzymes to loosen pore debris, exfoliate and refine skin texture, while the soothing GLUTEN FREE oats soften. After using the Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, follow with the Sea Plant Rejuvenating Mask to refine pores, purify and tone. Marine plants improve cell circulation and deliver vital nutrients to rejuvenate all skin types. Masks aren’t just for Halloween!