Moonsilk Dusting Powder


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This soothing, featherlight formula is a dusting powder, facial powder and deodorant powder all in one. The antiseptic and purifying powders of sandalwood, myrrh and ginger have a scent that calms and refreshes.

Size:  3.5 oz.



  • A soothing body deodorant for underarms and feet
  • A dry shampoo to absorb oils at the base of hairline
  • Relieve itching and inflammation from chaffing and irritations


Ingredients:  *Arrowroot Powder, Cornstarch, Baking Soda, herbal powders of Red Sandalwood, *Ginger and Myrrh.       *Organic



Featured Ingredient:  Sandalwood has been one of the most sought after essential oils throughout history and is sacred to many cultures. This known aphrodisiac is used extensively in perfumery for its calming, balancing and harmonizing presence in aromatherapy. This evergreen tree, native to south Asia, is highly prized for its precious essential oil in the heartwood and roots of the tree. The Sandalwood tree must reach a maturity of 60-80 years to yield the highest quality and volume of oil. Due to the high demand in the market, these trees are currently being harvested much too early.

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