Rosemary Lavender Revive


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A concentrated, centuries-old hair and skin treatment with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This blend of nourishing oils promotes relaxation, provides conditioning for dry scalp and hair, and increases its shine and strength.

Size:  2 oz.



  • Massage onto hair and scalp
  • Brush through hair for added moisturizing and shine
  • Rub onto ends of hair for extra conditioning
  • Aids in taming excess frizz and curl
  • A calming bath and body oil
  • Add a drop or two to hot water to use as an aromatherapy facial steam


Ingredients:  *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, essential oils of *Rosemary and *Lavender.       *Organic



100% ORGANIC      VEGAN      

Featured Ingredient:  Rosemary is a woody, perennial herb and relative of the mint family native to the Mediterranean region. Rosemary is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and has the ability to improve memory, mental alertness and increase concentration. It also stimulates hair follicles to promote growth, controls dandruff and dryness, and relieves respiratory problems when inhaled

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