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Great for all skin types and especially calming for the most sensitive of skin, our Rosewater Toner will help rebalance the skin’s pH after cleansing, and is integral as STEP 2 of your daily regimen.

Our provider of 100% pure Rosewater Toner has been distilling flowers in Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses for over 20 years, and dedicates a specific acreage of Rosa damascena solely for the production of this pure rosewater. It is shipped to us and goes directly into our 4 ounce spray bottles, without adulteration.

Size:  4 oz. Spray Bottle



  • After cleansing, mist over face and neck and let air dry, or follow with choice of Skin Serum and/or Moisturizing Cream.
  • Mist throughout the day for continued refreshment and skin conditioning.


Ingredients: 100% pure Hydrosol collected from the distillation of Organic Bulgarian Rosa damascena.

** This pure unadulterated hydrosol maintains its optimum qualities when kept away from heat and light. For best results store in a cool, dark environment.



Featured Ingredient: Bulgarian Rose is recognized as producing one of the finest rose oils in the world. Its essential oil is distilled from the hand gathered petals of Rosa damascena, cultivated in the Valley of the Roses, near the foot of the Balkan Mountains. Also known as damask rose, it is believed to have been introduced to from its origins in the Middle East, and finds a perfect environment to grow and thrive in Bulgaria. It takes 2000 rose petals to make just one drop of its prized essential oil. Therapeutically, Bulgarian rose is an antiseptic, astringent, tonic and cleanser. It has the ability to balance moods, relieve migraines, reduce fever and heal wounds.

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