The most commonly identifiable characteristic of oily skin is an all-over shiny look from overactive sebaceous production that is often heavier in the T-zone. Large pores and more heavily textured areas, particularly around the nose, are signs of overactive skin. Excessive oil production can keep skin looking younger than dry skin, but may be associated with blemishes and acne. Bacteria from fingertips and the environment can establish a home in the enlarged pores, multiply rapidly and block pore openings, leading to infection. Acne can form from an unbalanced pH that is higher than normal. It is important to maintain the natural acid mantle on the surface of the skin and to keep the skin’s pH more acidic to prevent bacterial growth and infection. Treatment should include a skin care regimen that employs antiseptic, cleansing, calming, and pore tightening qualities. Products we recommend to help control sebaceous production are:  Complexion Care CleanserPurifying Toner for Oily Skin , Overactive Skin Serum and the Sea Plant Rejuvenating Mask